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Business Solutions

Solutions Consulting began as a consultancy to the Food Industry. Our clients include some of America’s top supermarkets and food manufacturers. Today, in addition to our Food Industry clients, we also work with other types of businesses to improve their customers’ experience and to develop their organization’s sales team through soft skills training and engaging meetings.

How can we work with you?…

Learning Experiences: Custom, hands-on & immersive classroom and field experiences. These are not your “typical” boring classroom sessions or off the shelf training. When participants leave our learning experiences they are energized & enthusiastic about their company and about selling their products.

Meeting Experiences: Custom meeting planning… no more dull meetings! We focus on delivering relevant content, practical application tips, and cultural references in an engaging way.

Product photography & HD video

Custom training materials

Speaking: Keynote & Workshops

Visit our What We Do Page to learn more

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EatnLearn™ Culinary Experiences

Are you looking for a unique way to build strong relationships with your clients or to motivate your top performers? On our EatnLearn™ Culinary Experiences, we go behind the scenes to learn the stories of the foods, the places & the people behind the places we visit. Along the way you will build lasting, shared memories.

Our EatnLearn™ Culinary Experiences are for anyone in any industry. Your experience will be customized so that we visit places that are relevant to your group and to your goals.

Read more at our EatnLearn™ Page

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Experience Solutions

Have you noticed that today everyone is using the word, “experience” to describe their offerings? Would you like to make sure that your business is the best experience it can be?

photo of Strategic Horizons Pine & Gilmore's EMA AwardWinner of  Pine and Gilmore’s Strategic Horizons’ 2007 EMA Award and a CE (Certified Experience Economy Expert), Steve leads workshops on the principles & models of Pine & Gilmore’s The Experience Economy.

Additionally, our team can perform an Experience Assessment of your business. In the end, you will come away knowing which areas need attention and with many strategies to quickly improve your customer experience.

For more on our Experience Solutions…