Bloggin’ Birthdays of Note…

Today's Notable Quote: "You're not getting older…you're getting better…" – lame attempt by an anonymous admirer intended to curry favor with the object of the flattering remark.

Several celebrities share this birth date. Some are actors, some musicians, some merely famous for being famous:


Graeme Edge (Moody Blues) turns 68 today

Eric Clapton – 64 years young…

MC Hammer – 46 and going strong.

Tracy Chapman – Riding in a fast car at 45.

Celine Dion – 41 for the first time…

Nora Jones – No longer 20-something…at 30 today.


Richard Dysart turned 80 today.

Former "man about town" Warren Beatty" is 72.

Paul Reiser is "Mad About" being 52

Mark Consuelos, soap star and husband of multi-tasking actress-host Kelly Ripa is 38 today.

Famous for being famous:

Peter Marshall, long-time host of "Hollywood Squares" turns 83 today! Circle gets the square Peter!

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