Foodie Friday: The Most Important–4 Reasons to Love Breakfast Anytime

breakfast at tiffay's

Michael:  “What have we always said is the most important thing?”
George Michael:  “Breakfast.”
Michael:  “Family.”
George Michael:  “Oh right. Family. I thought you meant of the things you eat.”

— the Bluths, Arrested Development

Happy Foodie Friday! In light of the icy winter storms that have overtaken much of the US this past week, we’re grabbing our emergency milk and bread and celebrating the joy of brinner—also known as breakfast for dinner. Here are four reasons we think the most important meal of the day is the perfect choice anytime of day

promo_KrispyKremeDozen1. Sweet breakfast treats are the tastiest new dessert trend.

If last year was crazy for share-able small bites, this year is all about indulgent breakfast foods for your post-entree enjoyment. Perhaps owing to nostalgia for Saturday mornings past, or to the widespread and fervent enthusiasm for the Cronut, we’re seeing donuts and waffles (even in the United Kingdom!) emerging as 2015’s desserts of the moment.


breakfast club2. Millennials are re-thinking meal times in favor of convenience.

Quick—What’s the easiest meal for us to make at the last minute? It might sound odd, but it turns out that’s not too far off from many Millennial consumers’ thought process. Convenience is king with the under-40 set, and breakfast foods have a certain grab-and-go ease while still delivering a healthy, satisfying eating experience. Check out this video from the National Restaurant Association to learn more about what many consumers are looking for from restaurants, including the statistic that 7 out of 10 diners wish restaurants would serve breakfast items all day!



egg on sandwich

3. Ideas have changed about which foods are “healthy”—and what that really means.

For years, eggs really got a bad rap among the health-food community. Yet recent science into the complex relationship between dietary fat and a person’s overall cholesterol level have led many to embrace these protein-rich breakfast staples without guilt. (Health experts have even gone so far as to revise labeling for cholesterol in food!) No longer relegated to an occasional brunch splurge, eggs continue to show up as a sensible and delicious ingredient in savory crepes, frittatas, quiches, and sandwiches beyond the pre-lunch plate. At this rate, this egg-cellent breakfast favorite may very well usurp bacon as the brinner-food star!



cin sug bacon bar4. Food innovators are thinking outside the breakfast nook.

Chefs, mixologists, baristas, and restaurateurs are discovering myriad ways to incorporate the rich, delicious flavors we know and love from breakfast into a variety of products.  As I mentioned before in my post about the Winter Fancy Food show, our typical breakfast flavors (think maple syrup or cinnamon toast) are in the food spotlight these days thanks to unconventional morning-meal-inspired products.

Beverages and snack foods in particular—such as hot tea or chocolate bars—feature tastes like butter and bacon to satisfy your brunch craving at any hour.





Now if you’ll excuse us, all these snow warnings put us in the mood for French Toast…


And, of course, for something a little weird…waffle brownie

If you’re looking for a new take on brinner or a creative use for one of your less-utilized kitchen appliances, check out the Food Network’s fantastic list of 12 recipes you can make with your waffle iron—everything from crisp-edged waffle brownies to waffle falafel!

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