Foodie Friday: 4 Reasons the Future of Home-Cooking is Happening Now

jetsons food machineThere’s always been something very traditional and even old fashioned about the phrase “home cooking.” Yet thanks to recent innovations in the business of food and convenience technology, trading going out for dining in is anything but yesterday’s news. Today, we look forward to 4 cutting-edge updates to the home-kitchen experience.

1) Instacart Innovation

Ever wanted a personal shopper? Believe it or not, this personalized service is no longer limited to the lives of the rich and famous. Innovative companies like Instacart make supermarket shopping more convenient than ever by outsourcing your errands to tech-assisted professionals. Instacart is expanding into new cities, and has partnered with Whole Foods Market and Costco to enhance the customer experience.

instacart shopper

2) Budget-Friendly Benefits

It’s often tempting to grab take-out or even drive to a restaurant instead of making the effort of shopping, preparing, cooking, and eating a meal at home. Yet there are big benefits to dining in—specifically, financial savings. In a creative and awesomely nerdy exploration of this concept, the economics enthusiast at FlannelGuyROI ran the numbers on reducing eating out and opting to cook at home instead. In summary, he found that eating at home four days a week instead of at a restaurant could save you $17,000 per person over ten years! For many of us, that’s worth scrubbing a few dishes over.

3) Hunger for Health

Health conscious shoppers can benefit from eating at home in a number of surprising ways, especially when it comes to family dinners. For example:family dinner

  • Kids who routinely eat family dinners are 42 percent less likely to drink, 50 percent less likely to smoke cigarettes, and 66 percent less like to smoke marijuana.
  • Eating out can mean consuming up to 50 percent more calories, sodium and total fat. The occasional treat is okay in moderation, of course, but busy schedules and demand for convenience can lead people to make less-healthy choices without realizing.
  • Food portion sizes have increased dramatically since the 1970s, causing diners to eat more than ever before when they go out—whether at a restaurant, fast-food chain, or snacking at the movies.

4) Delivery on Demand

While grocery delivery mainstays like PeaPod have been around for years, many other companies have gotten into the delivery-on-demand business. Made even easier by smartphone apps, Google, Amazon (see Amazon Fresh), and Wal-Mart (via Wal-Mart To Go) are all competing for the top-notch convenience through same-day shipping options. The popular car service Uber even extended their services with Uber Essentials, which provides everyday goods to people in the D.C. area within 10 minutes. Another popular option is to utilize the services of Blue Apron and other companies that deliver all the needed ingredients to cook a gourmet meal at home.

amazon fresh


It won’t be long before virtually anything is available at a moment’s notice!




And, of course, for something a little weird…

In the spirit of delivery-on-demand, the driving service Uber recently branched out from transporting people and groceries to delivering…puppies. Check out the story here!

puppy on demand

What innovations do you look forward to that will enhance your foodie lifestyle? Tell us in the comments below!

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