Foodie Friday: Special Delivery! 5 Leaders in On-Demand Food Service

Let’s face it: Nobody has too much time on their hands anymore. Between our hectic schedules and fast-moving careers, we’re all looking for better, faster, more convenient solutions. Fortunately, tech gurus and food-loving entrepreneurs are here to help. Delivery has revolutionized the foodie lifestyle. Today, we’re taking a look at 5 innovative retailers who are changing the way we enjoy food with delivery on demand.


New York foodies have a delicious and convenient option for fresh, high-quality meals delivered to their home thanks to Maple. The ethos behind this culinary service is simple yet profound:

Our food principles are inspired by the power of eating well; our food practices are informed by evidence and science. We source real, whole ingredients from partners we trust. We cook with integrity, which means that our ingredients are never compromised with artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. No cutting corners. No fads. Just real, tasty food. Because we believe that eating good, simple food lets more people feel their best.

Diners in NYC south of Central Park can choose items from a diverse weekly menu with items like hearty Chermoula Steak Moroccan Salad, Spicy Yellowfin Tuna Poke Bowl, or Parsley Roasted Pork Loin. It’s perfect for foodies looking for clean eating, Paleo-friendly, and vegetarian options, as well as healthy, whole food dishes made with gourmet flair.


Umi puts a unique spin on the meal delivery concept by sourcing meals from talented home cooks in the community. These aren’t your basic potluck-ready recipes, though. New Yorkers looking for great professional-quality meals can order from the Umi app and enjoy delightful dishes from non-restaurant cooks.

“But what about the food safety aspect?” you might (reasonably) ask of a community-sourced meal service. In the interest of providing safe food to subscribers, Umi requires their home chefs to be trained in food safety and certified in safe food handling. Also, they request feedback from customers to make sure the food is up to industry safety and quality standards.


The conception of Chef David Chang of Momofuku Noodle Bar (which started in NYC’s East Village and expanded to locations in Las Vegas, Sydney, Washington D.C., and Toronto), Ando brings inspired eastern food to people on the go throughout New York’s midtown. Both cultural diversity and flexible mobility are central to the mission of Ando, even in the flavor profiles they feature:

Second-Generation American food, designed for wherever you are.

We say “second-generation” because our dishes are the product of our team’s diverse experiences growing up in the American melting pot. Our menu embraces what’s happening on tables throughout the country: in our homes, at our local haunts, and in the restaurants we grew up visiting.

At the end of the day, we serve food that we are excited about and tells the story about who we are. Our goal is to create a menu that is delicious, responsibly sourced, both familiar and unfamiliar, and that travels well – ready for wherever you are or wherever you may be going.

For those of us who live outside of New York City, it definitely sounds like a story worth spreading far and wide!

Uber Eats 

For those of us living outside the foodie mecca of New York City, convenience king Uber has us covered with Uber Eats. They’ve taken the democratization of transportation further by using independent drivers to deliver meals from partner restaurants in participating cities. The true appeal of Uber Eats is the convenience factor. They report an average wait of just 30 minutes from the start of an order to delivery completion. And with a flat $5 surcharge on each order, it’s often just as economical to order in rather than to venture out and inadvertently spend more on gas, parking, and gratuity.

Blue Apron


If you’re a hands-on foodie looking to hone your home-chef skills, check out a pre-portioned meal kit service like Blue Apron. A 2-adult plan delivers 3 recipes a week to prepare and enjoy together for $10 per serving. It’s a creative solution for busy people who enjoy the experience of cooking but are concerned about wasting food, don’t have time to plan a menu or make a trip to the supermarket, or simply have run out of ideas for what to make at home during the week. Always on the cutting edge of culinary home-delivery service, Blue Apron has also expanded their offerings to include wines—smaller, 500ml, 2-person-shareable-sized bottles for $10 each, complete with tasting notes, pairing suggestions, and the story behind each wine you purchase.

Whatever your preferred food delivery method, here’s hoping you have a relaxed, convenient, and food-filled weekend. Happy Foodie Friday!


And, of course, for something a little weird…

Sci-fi fans had to know this day would come: There are now self-driving robots delivering food in our nation’s capitol! Check out this charming, surprising, technologically inventive solution to food delivery here.

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