Foodie Friday: Funny Foodies–5 Laugh-Out-Loud Stand-Up Comics on Food

Happy Foodie Friday! Today, we’re keeping it light with some LOL-worthy stand-up comics and what they have to say about food. Enjoy!


Kathleen Madigan on vegetarian eating:

Jim Gaffigan on Southern food:

Hannibal Buress on his love of apple juice:

Maria Bamford on the dark side of Paula Deen’s recipes and home cooking:

Brian Regan on the serving size of Fig Newtons and ice cream:

And, of course, for something a little weird…

Check out this hilarious late-night-show game involving bizarre food—Secret Ingredient! Sienna Miller, Jimmy Fallon, and Anthony Bourdain show true culinary bravery with the mystery components of these creative concoctions.

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