Foodie Friday: Shake it Up! 5 Inventive, Summer Ready Milkshakes

It’s hot outside. In the throes of scorching summer heat, what better way for a foodie to simultaneously cool off and indulge a discerning sweet tooth than by enjoying a milkshake? Here are some inspired, delicious ice-cream creations for the perfect summertime treat.

  1. For the mythical creature and dessert enthusiast: Arby’s Liger Shake

    Fans of the cult classic Napoleon Dynamite will recognize the Liger—a cross-breed of a lion and tiger with inherent magical skills—as the title nerd’s favorite animal. The fast-food roast beef sandwich purveyors drew inspiration from this fabled feline to create the Liger Shake—an orange-flavored nod to Starbucks Coffee’s runaway hit Unicorn Frappuccino, complete with chocolate tiger stripes.

  2.  For the nostalgic kids’ cereal fan: Burger King’s Lucky Charms Shake

    The minds behind the flame-broiled appeal of the Whopper are currently tapping into Millennial nostalgia with shakes that feature the kinds of sugary cereals twenty-somethings associate with superhero pajamas and Saturday morning cartoons.The latest Burger King concoction, the Lucky Charms Shake, follows the sugarcoated success of the similar Froot Loops Shake and combines the familiar freeze-dried marshmallows and frosted oat bits with vanilla soft-serve and syrup for a colorful, cloyingly sweet snack.

  3. For the combination cocktail hour and dessert course participant: Burger Republic’s Spiked Cookie Butter Shake

    We’ve discussed before how cookie butter is a favorite sweet treat among dessert-loving foodies, and the burger-and-shake pros at the popular Nashville-area eatery Burger Republic are capitalizing on this trend with cocktail-inspired desserts. Along with their extensive menu of liquor-infused shakes (and tasty non-alcoholic shakes), they’ve added the Boozey Cookie Butter shake—a tempting blend of cookie butter, Maker’s 46, and rich caramel drizzle.

  4. For the refined milkshake connoisseur: The Counter LA’s Tiramisu Shake

    If you’re looking for a sophisticated take on the classic milkshake, look no further than The Counter in Los Angeles where you can experience a decadent, Italian dessert version complete with espresso, chocolate, and a small slice of tiramisu on top. The Counter’s motto is apt: “Create endlessly”—and their menu of carefully crafted burgers, sandwiches, and, yes, milkshakes, shows their culinary creativity and close attention to detail. Check out the video of this creamy, dreamy dessert being expertly made here.

  5. For the more-is-more, Instagram-ready food adventurer: Crazy Shakes from Black Tap New York

    How great can an experience really be if you’re not eager to share photo evidence of it online? That’s the thinking behind many FOMO-familiar foodies who seek out food and drink that are photogenic enough for their Instagram feed. Fortunately, there are places like New York’s Black Tapa stylish and colorful getaway with locations throughout the city serving up-scaled burgers, fries, and shakes to the discerning dive-bar devotee. Among their Crazy Shakes are artistically expressive, over-the-top options like The Cake Shake which features a vanilla frosted rim, rainbow sprinkles, a funfetti cake slice, whipped cream, more rainbow sprinkles and, naturally, a cherry on top.



And, of course, for something a little weird…

In other dessert news, our favorite dessert master, Dominique Ansel, (famous in New York and beyond for the Cronut and his milk-filled cookie shots) has caught the attention of the public sweet-tooth with his latest creations at Dominique Ansel Bakery Japan in Tokyo. Check out this video to see the What-a-Melon (watermelon soft-serve sorbet dished up inside a watermelon slice) and his other inspired frozen dessert creations!

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