Foodie Friday: Sneaky Treats–4 Tasty Sweet & Savory Foods in Disguise

There’s a lot of fusion going on in the food scene—whether blending different ethnic traditions on one plate, changing up the serving style (see: grocerants, food trucks, and app-based eating), or reinventing the ingredients in familiar foods to make something fresh and exciting.

Clever culinarians are also dreaming up news ways to blur the lines between sweet desserts and savory main dishes. Today, we’ll look at 4 examples of category-bending foods that are sure to surprise and delight adventurous foodies.

Cheddar Bay Biscuit Bundt Cake

Anyone who’s frequented the casual dining seafood chain Red Lobster is undoubtedly familiar with their slightly addicting pre-meal bread option, the beloved Cheddar Bay Biscuits. Thanks to the convenient home-cook mix available in most supermarkets and a stroke of baking ingenuity, one inspired Reddit user combined two boxes of of the famous appetizer recipe into a savory bundt cake worthy of a New England-themed wedding. Now all it needs is a a topping of lobster buttercream frosting, perhaps?


Winter Vegetable Torte

As elegantly beautiful as a bundle of vegetables can be, this dessert-like side dish presents like a fancy Italian layer cake. Foodie blogger The Proud Italian Cook combines hearty roasted vegetables with flavorful, melted Italian cheeses in a spring-form pan to create something truly special. As she describes it:

“I started with very thinly sliced sweet potato, it makes a nice sturdy base to start off with. Then each layer a different vegetable which in the end it will make it look pretty when cut into a wedge. In between each layer sprinkle grated cheese and shredded cheese like mozzarella or asiago for the “glue” to hold the layers nicely together. End with another sturdy vegetable like sweet potato or even sliced butternut squash, top with a sprinkling of more cheese.” 

Pardon our involuntary drooling.

Honey Baked Ham Cupcakes

In a decidedly non-Kosher ironic twist, Stef of the recipe blog Cupcake Project hammed up a honey cake recipe originally found in a Jewish cookbook. These sweet-savory creations are modified to feature a thin slice of ham on the outside rather than a cupcake paper, and they’re finished with a cinnamon-cream-cheese frosting and a succulent ring of sweet pineapple. The result? The familiar flavor of a holiday honey ham wrapped up in a cute two-bite confection.

Klondike Lasagna

Finally, a lasagna that can satisfy the biggest sweet tooth. Foodbeast featured this video with three decadent dessert “lasagnas” made with generously layered ingredients like Klondike ice cream bars, fresh fruit, chocolate-covered pretzels, peanut butter and buttercream frosting. What’s the Italian translation for: “That looks weird but SO DELICIOUS”?

Enjoy your weekend, and discover some innovative fusion foods for yourself! Happy Foodie Friday!

And, of course, for something a little weird…

While this edition of Foodie Friday was almost exclusively weird somethings, we also present this odd and confusingly appetizing list of foods that look like other foods. The cheesecake mashed potatoes are a dead ringer for the real thing!

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