Foodie Friday: The Wake-Up Cup–7 Reasons We’re Buzzing About Coffee

Strange but true: Not everyone likes coffee. But if you’re among the roughly 83% of Americans who drink coffee, you understand the appeal of this warm, evocative, friendly-bitter drink. Whether you drink it to accompany your breakfast and start your day, sip it during a well-deserved break from work, or savor it with a dessert course, the beloved cup of joe is a favorite of foodies the world over.

Some fun facts about coffee:

1. Italians introduced coffee to the rest of Europe as caffe—a derivative of the Turkish kahveh from the Arabic qahwah, short for qahhwat al-bun, meaning “wine of the bean.”

2. If you love coffee enough to bathe in it, one Japanese spa has the relaxing (or perhaps invigorating) option for you. Visitors can enjoy steeping themselves in hot spring water turned into fresh coffee (or other unconventional baths like wine, sake or green tea!).

coffee spa

3. Drinking coffee has been linked to a number of health benefits, including:

•  Lowered risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia—in one study, people who drank three to five cups of coffee per day had about a 65% decreased chance of developing these diseases later in life.

•  Cardiovascular health—a Japanese study of more than 76,000 participants found that men who drank one to two cups of coffee each day reduced their risk of dying from a cardiovascular disease by as much as 38%.

•  Healthier liver—an analysis of nine studies reported that each time you increase daily coffee consumption by 2 cups, your risk of liver cancer lowers by 43% (due, most likely, to the antioxidant power of coffee to inhibit cancer cell growth).

4. Starbucks is named after the first mate on the ship in the literary classic Moby Dick by Herman Melville. But in the original planning phase, the founders of this ubiquitous coffee chain wanted to name it Pequod’s, which is the name of the ship Captain Ahab and Starbuck sailed upon together.

5. Caffeine is one of the few chemicals that can actually burn fat—in fact, it can increase your metabolism 3 to 11%.

starbucks mug

6. Santa Fe Springs, a suburb of Los Angeles, has the most Starbucks locations of any city—560 stores within a 25-mile radius!

7. Need to wake up fast? Good news—you start feeling the effect of caffeine only ten minutes after you take a sip of coffee.

Smiling middle aged couple sitting on the couch having coffee lo

No matter how you drink it, enjoy some great coffee this weekend—and Happy Foodie Friday!

And, of course, for something a little weird…

By now, you’ve probably heard of Bulletproof Coffee—a surprising concoction made from hot coffee, unrefined coconut oil, and unsalted, grass-fed butter. The inventor (who coined the name Bulletproof) claims the drink delivers everything from rapid weight loss to sharper mental acuity, but please be shrewd foodies and always get multiple points of view when considering fad diets!kerrygold

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