Foodie Friday: Drink it Up! 4 Refreshing Beverage Trends of 2019

Cheers to the weekend! If you’re like me, there’s nothing more comforting than sitting down with friends over a great beverage—be it a hot cup of coffee, a pint of beer, or craft cocktail—to unwind after a long week.

Today, we’ll look at 4 emerging trends in beverages, and learn more about the creative, flavorful, and refreshing drinks making a delicious statement on the sippable scene.

Potent Plants
With the rise of plant-based eating, inventive beverage connoisseurs have also ventured into plant-based drink ingredients in pursuit of healthy and flavorful options. Plant-based “milk” sales grew 3.1% last year, and functional infusion ingredients like matcha, turmeric, and aloe vera continue to show up in health-conscious beverages.

Fermentation Appreciation
Pickled, probiotic, and fermented foods and beverages certainly aren’t new, but the trend for incorporating healthy gut bacteria into your diet is hitting the mainstream in a big way in 2019. See: the Coca-Cola Company, who purchased the Organic & Raw Trading Co., makers of MOJO live-culture kombucha drinks. With the beverage giants getting on board with beverages that have long been considered “health” drinks, it’s safe to say this trend has some genuine staying power.

Lose the Booze
With the popularity of elimination diets, intermittent fasting, and even temporary alcohol-free diet plans like Whole30 or “Dry January,” beverage companies have begun offering alternatives to typically tipsy happy hour favorites for sobriety seekers who still want to enjoy their favorite adult beverages. In fact, the UK saw a 57% increase this past year over the previous two years of purchases of non-alcoholic or low-alcohol beer. It’s a perfect time for enterprising beer purveyors like Heineken to meet this unusual demand with products like Heineken 0.0, a recently launched non-alcoholic beer.

World Cup
For many foodies, there’s nothing quite so exciting as exploring other locations, traditions, and cultures through what we eat or drink. Exotic spices, herbs, and other foreign ingredients feed culinary curiosity as much as the physical appetite. That’s why we’re seeing more and more globally inspired beverages on cocktail menus, supermarket shelves, and coffee shop chalkboards. According to BeverageDaily, be on the lookout for drinks with a kick of spice like cardamom, Chinese Five Spice, cayenne, and ginger, as well as tangy fruits grown in popular vacation destinations like guava, yuzu, and blood orange.


Don’t let the long winter ahead hold you back from exploring these delicious beverage trends! Enjoy a cup of sippable adventure, and have a Happy Foodie Friday!



And, of course, for something a little weird…

In the spirit of another couple of important food trends—reducing food waste and eliminating plastic use and pollution—the enterprising folks at Casa Barilla (yes, owned by the same Barilla company whose products you’ll find on your supermarket pasta aisle) came up with a clever natural, compostable, eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws in their cocktails: pasta straws. Visit their Costa Mesa, CA location to try one of these ingenious noodle-sippers for yourself!

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