Foodie Friday: It’s National Hamburger Month!

Tasty and appetizing hamburger cheeseburger

With Memorial Day Weekend quickly approaching, we’re getting fired up to grill out. And what’s better for the holiday weekend than the American classic, the hamburger? Today’s Foodie Friday celebrates National Hamburger Month with some fun facts and inspired ideas for your best burger ever.

Some Little-Known-Facts About Burgers

  • If you were to line up all the hamburgers that Americans eat in a year—around 50 billion total—it would circle the earth over 32 times!
  • The world record for the largest burger was set in Minnesota in 2012—a true “whopper” weighing 2,014 pounds and measuring 10 feet in diameter.
world's largest burger

Record-setting World’s Largest Burger in 2012.

  • The name Hamburger comes from Hamburg steaks that German immigrants introduced to the US and were first showcased at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair.
  • McDonalds has sold over 300 billion burgers, and sells at a rate of 75 or more burgers every second.
  • The Hamburger Hall of Fame is located in Seymour, Wisconsin, and celebrates the history of the hamburger.

3 Gourmet Burger Recipes to Try at Your Next Cookout

bacon kimchi burger

  1. Flavorful Bacon and Kimchi Burger — Indulge your pan-Asian inspiration with these tasty burgers from Chef Wesley Genovart. The thinner beef patties hearken to the famous Shake Shake burger style, and spicy Korean fermented cabbage and Indonesian chile sauce gives this hearty bacon burger a surprising twist of international flavor.
  2. Delicious Turkey Burger — As wonderful as a perfectly grilled turkey burger tastes, the real star of this recipe by celebrity Chef Bobby Flay is the tangy Meyer Lemon Honey Mustard on top. Flay dresses the lean ground turkey patties with creamy goat cheese and some fresh watercress for crunch. Try this recipe for a light-yet-satisfying alternative to beef burgers at your next cookout.
  3. Spicy Buffalo Chicken Burger — Bring the addictive flavor of hot wings to the table with this inventive burger perfect for your next gameday tailgate. Mix your favorite hot sauce directly into the tender ground chicken to bring the heat, then balance out the flavors with cool and creamy celery-blue-cheese mayo.

No matter how you plan on celebrating National Burger Month, we hope you get to enjoy the protein-packed, American-classic, grilled-to-perfection delights of your favorite burger soon!

Have a great weekend, and Happy Foodie Friday!

And, of course, for something a little weird…

impossible burger

In an attempt to fool even the most carnivorous diner, the food scientists at Impossible Foods developed the Impossible Burger—a completely meat-free, plant-based burger. Fast-food chains White Castle (with a slider version) and Burger King (with an Impossible Whopper) are jumping on the “meatless” bandwagon.  Check out the fascinating description here!


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