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Foodie Friday: EatnLearn Seattle–Days Packed with Fresh Food Tourism!

Seattle Skyline

I agree with Tony—noted Celebrity Chef Anthony Bourdain, that is. In an interview with the Seattle Times, he said this of the local food scene: “It’s one of the most exciting, if not the most exciting area of the country to eat.”

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Foodie Friday: Let’s Fly! 5 Elevated Airport Dining Experiences

Back Lit Business People Traveling Airport Passenger Concept

Happy Foodie Friday! Is today one of those “eat on the run” kinda days? If you’re a frequent flyer like I am, you spend many hours in airports, eating peanuts and watching flights come and go. Fortunately, the culinary scene in our U.S. airports has been dramatically elevated with innovative concepts, chef-driven menus, and elegant design. Today, we’ll take a look at 5 fantastic dining options for your next long layover.


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Foodie Friday: Indianapolis–4 Favorites from a Surprising Foodie City


As a native of Indiana’s capital, I have many reasons to appreciate the charms of Circle City. Yet my recent visit revealed even more surprising ways to enjoy Indianapolis—especially if you bring along a healthy appetite. Today, we’ll look at four foodie favorites from the Indy food scene. (more…)

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Foodie Friday–The Millennial Meal: 5 Thoughts from the Under-40 Table

Group of multiethnic friends enjoying dinner party outdoorsI’ve been traveling this week and particularly enjoyed my time in Chicago, a city full of riches for foodies. I’ve been reminded through my observations and encounters how true this post from last week about Millennials is—what they buy and why, the importance of quality and authenticity to their generation, and specifically, how they think about and shop for food. Enjoy!

Today’s Foodie Friday features a guest post by Stephanie Jackson, a content writer and instructional designer for our company, Solutions Consulting, Inc. As a member of the Millennial Generation, Stephanie explores the ways Millennial Foodies are shopping, eating, and celebrating the world of great food. (more…)

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Thanks for Flying with us!

Today’s Notable Quote: "Thanks for flying with CHATAQUA airlines…on this Delta Connection flight…"

Spoken with enthusiasm–as if he were actually excited about his job! It certainly surprised me (and made for a pleasant conclusion to my recent air travel).

Despite the rumors of impending financial doom and/or hostile takeover by USAirways…some people at Delta seem to enjoy what they are doing. Best wishes to these people who are putting on a great show for their customers.

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So that’s where lost luggage ends up

Today’s Notable Quote: "Your luggage will arrive on the next scheduled flight, and will be delivered to you shortly thereafter." – The standard pitch from the luggage handler at conclusion of lost luggage conversation/application for delivery.

Losing luggage–or having luggage lag your arrival can be frustrating. Pity the poor Houston passengers whose luggage was discovered by a "crack" team of luggage detectives. Seems that the luggage of several passengers showed up mysteriously in a Houston-area trash bin…

The bags belonged to travelers at George Bush Intercontinental Airport,

Baggage_claim_wait_2 This turned out to be a fruitless wait for many recent passengers to Bush International in Houston.

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Of planes and people…

Today’s Notable Quote: "We’ll get you there as quickly and SAFELY as possible." – standard pre-flight announcement from the cockpit of most commercial airliners.

Quickly. Safely. If possible. That’s the hope, and in my case, the reality thus far. I am impressed with the thorough, professional approach to flying demonstrated by the vast majority of the uniformed crews that man the flights I’ve boarded during the past 20-plus years.

Prior to 911, I wondered (often aloud) how the airline industry would handle the burgeoning number of flyers (particularly the rapidly-growing group of tourist passengers). As we know, one act of terrrorism solved the demand problem–and nearly decimated the industry in the process.

Post-911, I often find myself wondering where the people who once prided themselves on their sense of self-determination are. Are they driving? Are they teleconferencing? Are they retired? Or are they cowering in fear…playing into the hands of those who would forever change our way of life–a way of life built on the principles of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness"? Hopefully not the latter.

Time will tell whether or not the airline industry can overcome the fearmongers and the weak-minded.

For the sake of our children and their children…I hope we have the resolve to live our lives in the face of adversity.

Meeting_the_client Doing what it takes to serve the needs of the client…

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Flying the Friendly(and Bumpy)Skies

Today’s Notable Quote: "We hope to arrive in Nashville ahead of the thunderstorms tonight." – The captain of the United Express flight on the evening of May 25, 2006

Air travel is a wondrous thing. On the one hand, it is much faster and far less physically demanding than walking, riding a horse, a bicycle, or driving an automobile. This week, for instance, I made a 2,000 mile round trip in 4 hours (if you don’t include the 6 hours of tarmac time for ground-hold and taxiing). On the other hand, whenever you step onboard a plane, you surrender (your personal illusion of) control of your safety to a flight crew that you may have never met, and know little about. Interesting concept.

My quick 2 day turnaround trip this week was made more interesting by the addition of inclement weather in the form of severe thunderstorms. In the "old days" of flight (20 or more years ago), pilots who often flew by "feel", and without all of today’s sophisticated on-board computers and radar systems, would "challenge" nature’s wrath, and fly into and through thunderstorms. Not a good idea…as storms can sometimes have adverse affects on the pilot’s ability to fly the aircraft (a truly difficult feat without both wings).

Our challenge this week was not to fly through the storms, but rather, to fly over, under around and in-between them. We were successful, thanks to an adept crew, technological assistance, and the grace of God.

Noisy neighbors, crying babies, and bumps aside…it still beats walking…


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