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Foodie Friday: Dessert Worth Spreading–Cookie Butter!

cookie butter and spoon

It’s been a big year for spreads. Between the steady popularity of nut butters like almond, cashew, and the perpetual-favorite Nutella, as well as creative takes on hummus and artisan cow’s-milk butter (see some tasty examples on number 9 of this list), we know which side of our bread is winning. Yet the spreadable treat most likely to tempt your spoon out of the drawer and into the jar is most certainly the strange and decadent dessert hybrid: Cookie Butter. It’s been dubbed everything from a snacking obsession to a magical concoction to some kind of vaguely spiritual experience. Today, we look at 4 delicious reasons why 2014 is truly the Year of the Cookie Butter. (more…)

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Foodie Friday–The Millennial Meal: 5 Thoughts from the Under-40 Table

Group of multiethnic friends enjoying dinner party outdoorsI’ve been traveling this week and particularly enjoyed my time in Chicago, a city full of riches for foodies. I’ve been reminded through my observations and encounters how true this post from last week about Millennials is—what they buy and why, the importance of quality and authenticity to their generation, and specifically, how they think about and shop for food. Enjoy!

Today’s Foodie Friday features a guest post by Stephanie Jackson, a content writer and instructional designer for our company, Solutions Consulting, Inc. As a member of the Millennial Generation, Stephanie explores the ways Millennial Foodies are shopping, eating, and celebrating the world of great food. (more…)

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Foodie Friday — Latin Cuisine: The Next Hot Global Trend


Peruvian Ceviche

Peruvian Ceviche

We recently had the pleasure of sampling some extraordinary cuisine in the Latin-culture epicenter of Miami, Florida. A meal in South Beach is enough to prove that NBA Basketball (The Miami Heat) hasn’t been the only thing generating heat in this beach-front paradise aptly nicknamed “The Magic City.”

Magic might as well be the secret ingredient in lick-your-plate-delicious chimichurri sauce. And these south-of-the-border dishes are gaining popularity across the globe. A glance at current, worldwide culinary trends shows that Latin foods are on the rise even outside of their usual markets. From Cuban and Mexican dishes to Chilean and Argentinian fare, South- and Central-American flavors are spicing up the global palate through the talents of inventive chefs.


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Foodie Friday: Spotlight on Nathan Rice, Futurist Foodie

nathanHappy Foodie Friday! This week, we shine the spotlight on a true visionary who uses of-the-moment brand and social media marketing to connect people to a whole new world of great food.

Nathan Rice
Digital Director at Haberman,
storytelling-focused marketing organization in Minneapolis, gave us his insight on what it takes to change the food landscape in America and how pioneering storytellers are blazing the trail to greater health and happiness. (more…)

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Foodie Friday: Sinking Our Teeth Into the Protein Trend

man biting into subOver the last twenty years, we’ve seen some famous faces–from Naomi Campbell to Elton John to Bill Clinton–sporting iconic milk mustaches in glossy magazine ads and asking a simple question: Got Milk? Now that it’s 2014, the celebrities are out and ordinary folks have taken their place in “Milk Life” ads (sidenote: if you’ve ever wondered what 2% milk and break-dancing have in common, check out this video) that shine the spotlight on a characteristic many beverages lack: protein. It’s smart timing on the part of the milk marketers: protein-rich foods and drinks are trending steadily, dominating the market, and showing up in unexpected places.


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Foodie Friday—Save Room: 3 Delicious Dessert Trends for 2014

Chef putting mint with her chocolate cake in the kitchen

Even a casual glance at what’s trending in the current food scene will reveal a surprising truth: We foodies are quite the eclectic mix of contradictions (otherwise known as indecisive). One minute we’re all about complex ethnic recipes, the next we want to simplify with farm-sourced heartland fare. We’re wowed by molecular gastronomy and then romanced by classic culinary techniques. Case in point: the dessert course.

As we might expect in this ever-changing dining landscape, dessert isn’t even “just for dessert” anymore: A 2013 Dessert Consumer Trend Report published by Technomic, Inc., in Chicago reported that 40% of consumers eat dessert twice a week or more often, and it isn’t always enjoyed just as an encore to evening dinner – I often adhere to the old adage “life is short – eat dessert first!”. Sweet treats have made their way into a myriad serving forms (samplers, shots, and small bites—oh my!) and culinary contexts (breakfast, snacking, and cocktail hour all get the sweet-tooth treatment). With our love of variety and a let’s-try-it-all attitude, the choices can easily begin to overwhelm the curious foodie. Yet the desire for quality and diversity in our food experiences is the over-arching theme evident in what’s selling right now. Here are three areas we see dessert gaining chocolate-covered popularity in 2014: (more…)

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Foodie Friday—Meaty Veggies: Bringing the Flavor with Plant-Based Food

Handsome man cooking at home preparing salad in kitchen.

A growing interest in healthy eating paired with studies about what actually goes into a good-for-you diet has lead many to increase their consumption of minimally processed, plant-based foods—namely: leafy greens, vegetables, and grains—over and above meat and dairy products. It’s a fantastic idea. After all, veggies, fruits, grains, nuts and seeds are naturally full of vital nutrients like fiber, vitamins, and minerals. What’s not to love about that?

Yet, as just about anyone who has tried a fast, a “cleanse,” or a strict New Year’s resolution to eat more kale-and-beet salad can quickly attest, plant-based diets can be challenging to maintain. Case in point: Despite limitless resources and the pressure of paparazzi documentation, even Beyonce and Jay-Z seem to have gone back to their carnivorous diet after a 22-day experiment in veganism. What’s more, many people associate meat- and dairy-free eating with bland, unsatisfying meals. It’s difficult to not get discouraged and overwhelmed by the task of improving our diets and overall health while still enjoying delicious food.  (more…)

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