About Steve’s Book —SING! Business and Life Lessons from the Karaoke Stage:

Have you ever dreamed of taking the stage in your own life? The message of SING! will stretch your imagination, challenge your routine, and inspire you to rethink your approach to both work and play. SING!  is for everyone—whether you enjoy singing or cheering from the audience.

It’s not just about karaoke, it’s about how your avocation can have a positive effect on your vocation and on your daily life.

What Others are Saying:

“It’s not about the karaoke, it’s about your work on your stage and in your life. Listen to the good Groove Doctor, heed his lessons, and walk away inspired. And, perhaps, humming a tune.”

—B. Joseph Pine II
Co-author, The Experience Economy and Authenticity
(cited by TIME magazine as one of “10 ideas that are changing the world”)
and author, Mass Customization; co-founder, Strategic Horizons LLP.

“Steve Dragoo is onto something big. He has managed to enrich and enlarge his own life and business career, and then pass it on to you in a manner that is as enjoyable as it is compelling. SING! is a fun read with a highly applicable life lesson in every chapter. I have read a lot about diet and exercise, but I have never read anything this good about something that I enjoy doing and is good for me as well. Who would have known that the Karaoke stage could tell us so much about ourselves and others while we were having such a good time doing it?”

—Joe Davis
Retired President of Salem Media Corp Radio Division

“I love Steve Dragoo’s approach: Just SING!
SING! is music to God’s ears. SING! is a catalyst in schools, churches and businesses to create breakthrough thinking and higher levels of achievement! Breakthrough thinking begins with a still small voice. When you vocalize your inner voice so that others can truly hear you—then everyone wins with SING!”

—Darrin Gray
Director, National Partnerships, All Pro Dad and
co-author, The Jersey Effect

“SING!, by Steve Dragoo, won’t make you a rock star, but it will inspire you to step out of your shell and onto a bigger stage. There is no time like the present to sing your song, tell your story or express your hidden talents. This book will give you the courage to do something bold.”

—Doug Stevenson
CSP, author, Doug Stevenson’s Story Theater Method

“I believe we all need a little push sometimes to get up and go for our dreams. In this book, Steve delivers a process or roadmap to help you to go after your aspirations or dreams. He will get you to S.I.N.G., write, speak or create whatever has been waiting inside of you to come out.”

—Michael J. Eardley
President/CEO, International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association

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