Connecting with my audience is the most important part of my role as a speaker. What do you hope your audience will feel, learn, and gain from the experience? Throughout decades of business training and consulting, my career focus has always been to deliver value, bring out the best in others—whether colleagues or clients—and help them advance toward the next goal. I’d love to share my insights and inspirations with your group.

What others are saying:

“Steve is an expert in the field of customer satisfaction in all aspects, from consumer to business to business. He is an incredible speaker on a vast number of topics, but more impressive—he has the ability to size up a company’s needs to improve customer service both internally and externally.”  —Jeff Beckley

“Steve is an exceptional communicator. He delivers a clear, well thought-out message which is relevant to his audience.” —Roger Sudnick

“One of, if not the most inspiring two hours I have spent in my life! Steve was on the mark with his insightful and thought-provoking presentation.” —John Egnor

“His presentations are clearly drawn from real life experiences, as well as extensive research on the various topics that he is presenting. His ability to relate to his audience is incomparable. Steve is an extremely intelligent and articulate individual whose presentations are enlightening, engaging and often times inspiring.” —Tom Staatz

“Steve is a student of complexity in business and the underlying causal factors, as well as a teacher of simplified solutions.” —Tom Bartley

More about Steve:

Throughout his 30-plus-year career as a consultant, trainer, speaker, and author, Steve–aka “The Experience Doc”—has performed the role of a lifetime as trusted advisor for some of America’s most respected supermarkets and food manufacturers, working alongside some of the industry’s top thought leaders to design and stage engaging experiences for their employees and customers.

Steve received the IDDBA Chairman’s Award in recognition of his contributions to the Dairy, Deli and Bakery industry. He regularly blogs, is frequently interviewed by food-industry publications, and is the author of the e-book, Your Best Store Now: 99 Ridiculously Easy Tips for Creating a Great Supermarket Experience.

Steve designs and stages customized, exclusive EatnLearn™ culinary tourism excursions for business and “Foodie” clients. These highly interactive experiences immerse participants in the unique food culture of cities across the US.

Steve’s latest book, SING! Business and Life Lessons from the Karaoke Stage, shares how Karaoke has made a surprisingly positive impact on his business performance and relationships.

He speaks often on the message of SING!, sharing ways to overcome fear, boost creativity, strengthen relationships, and go for goals in all areas of life.

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