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Foodie Friday: 5 Ways to Be an Eco-Friendly Foodie for Earth Day

Happy young female farmer standing at her stall at the farmers market

April 22nd is Earth Day, and as usual, it’s another opportunity to hang our heads and feel guilty for wasting resources…er, wait—that’s not a celebratory attitude!

What if instead of another guilt trip, this year’s Earth Day serves as a fresh reminder to each do our part as healthy, caring, responsible Foodies? That’s exactly what today’s post is all about. Here are 5 easy ways to incorporate eco-friendliness into your foodie lifestyle—one delicious meal at a time!


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Foodie Friday: Let’s Fly! 5 Elevated Airport Dining Experiences

Back Lit Business People Traveling Airport Passenger Concept

Happy Foodie Friday! Is today one of those “eat on the run” kinda days? If you’re a frequent flyer like I am, you spend many hours in airports, eating peanuts and watching flights come and go. Fortunately, the culinary scene in our U.S. airports has been dramatically elevated with innovative concepts, chef-driven menus, and elegant design. Today, we’ll take a look at 5 fantastic dining options for your next long layover.


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Foodie Friday: The Pumpkin-Spiced Season

Pumpkin spice coffee with whipped cream and caramel
Tuesday marked the Autumnal Equinox, or the first official day of fall. For many of us, this ushers in a season change in the way we eat—from cookouts to slow cookers, spicy dishes  to comfort foods, and fresh salads to potatoes and beets. Of course, nothing has become more associated with fall than the pumpkin. Having risen to fame thanks to menu items like Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte, this once-humble gourd is now a seasonal superstar. Here’s a closer look at this celebrated squash: (more…)

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Foodie Friday: Summertime is SHOWTIME for Foodies! Top 3 Tasty Events

I LOVE May and June! This is the time of year when food purveyors, from organizations both large and small, take the stage to showcase their offerings. Did I mention that I love this season—which many of us call “show season”—the months of May, June and July? It’s the time when influential foodies stage at least a half-dozen major food expos. In this week’s Foodie Friday post, I’m focusing on 3 of the expos I consider “don’t-miss events” during this busy time of year. (more…)

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