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Foodie Friday: BBQ Nation–3 Regional Styles of Meat Worth Squealing About

Soooie! It’s summertime, and that means it’s prime time for pit masters, chefs, and backyard picnickers alike to slow-cook some pork, ribs, beef, and other mouth-watering proteins to a perfect falling-apart texture and toss on some flavorful sauce. Today, we’re looking at 3 classic regional-specialty preparations of BBQ from across America.


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Foodie Friday: We’ve Got the MEAT! The 2018 Annual Meat Conference

I’ll admit it: I’m a meathead.

My more than 30-year career in and around the meat industry has given me many up-close engagements with the world of meat—from farming and production to processing and packaging to retailing and marketing. That’s why I’m looking forward to the 2018 Annual Meat Conference this weekend, hosted in my hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. The conference will provide attendees with a jam-packed weekend of networking, learning, connecting, and immersing themselves in this innovative and essential industry. Today, we’ll look at a few exciting meat-centric trends sure to be on display at the AMC this weekend.

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Foodie Friday: Food Experiences–CARNEVINO Las Vegas

CarneVino_4163-1024x682There are plenty of factors that go into making a dining experience truly special. A creative, diverse, and satisfying menu of food and drink; artistry in the presentation of the plates and the atmosphere of the restaurant; the skill and innovation expressed by the chefs and sommeliers, and so on. Yet what turns a memorable restaurant experience into an extraordinary one is unparalleled customer service. On a recent trip to Las Vegas, we enjoyed all this—and some of the best steak in the world—at Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich’s Italian steakhouse CARNEVINO. (more…)

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She could believe her eyes…

Notable Quote: “I guess the truest way to explain how I feel about the way beef is produced after all I saw that busy day is to tell you that for dinner that night I thoroughly enjoyed a nice piece of beef tenderloin.” – Ellie Krieger, from “An Inside Look at Beef Processing” – The Huffington Post

As a veteran of nearly 40 years in the food industry, I’ve seen a lot of things. One thing that I haven’t seen (or heard credible rumors of) in dozens and dozens of visits to food processing facilities is the kind of sloppy (or evil) treatment of animals which is described in many popular books and magazine articles. Nor have I witnessed much reasoned debate about how to improve food production in the United States. Many, it seems, want to assign blame, and in so doing, disparage food-makers for things that they may not be guilty of. Aggressive accusations made in public forums come to be regarded as fact by those who have never set foot on a farm, feeder lot or factory floor.

We all want (I would hope) a clean, safe and plentiful supply of food. In the U.S., by and large – we have such a system in place. We also want to see the life expectancy and health of our citizens improve – something that is happening, based on the latest U.S. National Vital Statistics Reports. Here’s an exerpt and link:


“From 2008 to 2009 the age-adjusted death rate declined significantly for 10 of the 15 leading causes of death. The preliminary age-adjusted death rate for the leading cause of death, Diseases of heart, decreased by 3.7 percent.”


It is refreshing to see someone with intellectual integrity write an article like the one I’ve linked to. Ms. Krieger almost certainly took some flak for her position – one that doesn’t sit well with many who recommend only “pure and happy” food. Read on… . Why don’t we all join her tonight and enjoy a nice piece of beef tenderloin? Perhaps with a side of Organic Heirloom Tomatoes…

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