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Foodie Friday: Getting Your Goat–Why Foodies Love Goat Cheese

It’s no secret that we here at Foodie Friday really love cheese. What’s not to love? Cheese is delicious, nutritious, and is scientifically proven to make you happy. Yet for those with an intolerance of the potentially pesky protein known as casein, traditional cow’s milk dairy is a no-go. That’s why cheese-loving foodies can turn to other milk-making ruminants for tasty, allergy-friendly products. Today, we consider the charms, characteristics, and cheesy delights of goat cheese.


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Foodie Friday: Summertime is SHOWTIME for Foodies! Top 3 Tasty Events

I LOVE May and June! This is the time of year when food purveyors, from organizations both large and small, take the stage to showcase their offerings. Did I mention that I love this season—which many of us call “show season”—the months of May, June and July? It’s the time when influential foodies stage at least a half-dozen major food expos. In this week’s Foodie Friday post, I’m focusing on 3 of the expos I consider “don’t-miss events” during this busy time of year. (more…)

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