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Foodie Friday: The Wake-Up Cup–7 Reasons We’re Buzzing About Coffee

Strange but true: Not everyone likes coffee. But if you’re among the roughly 83% of Americans who drink coffee, you understand the appeal of this warm, evocative, friendly-bitter drink. Whether you drink it to accompany your breakfast and start your day, sip it during a well-deserved break from work, or savor it with a dessert course, the beloved cup of joe is a favorite of foodies the world over. (more…)

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Foodie Friday: Summertime is SHOWTIME for Foodies! Top 3 Tasty Events

I LOVE May and June! This is the time of year when food purveyors, from organizations both large and small, take the stage to showcase their offerings. Did I mention that I love this season—which many of us call “show season”—the months of May, June and July? It’s the time when influential foodies stage at least a half-dozen major food expos. In this week’s Foodie Friday post, I’m focusing on 3 of the expos I consider “don’t-miss events” during this busy time of year. (more…)

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