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Foodie Friday: Futuristic, Flavorful, and Fascinating–5 Food Trends for 2019

At the beginning of each new year, we like to look ahead to what exciting flavors, innovative products, and creative culinary approaches are expected to take the food industry by storm.

Today, we’ll explore 5 food and beverage trends for 2019 so you can be on the lookout for what’s new, fresh, and appetizing in your supermarket, on restaurant menus, and across the high-tech food scene.


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Foodie Friday: Eat Fat for Fitness on the Ketogenic Diet

While many folks have been jumping onto the protein trend bandwagon for quite a while now, lately there’s been another noteworthy nutrient many are championing for optimal health: fat.

The ketogenic diet—or simply “Keto” for short—claims body fat loss, cardiovascular health, and even improved mental function from its enthusiastic ranks of fat-chewing fans. Today, we’ll take a look at the Keto diet and how to follow it in hopes of achieving optimal results.**


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Foodie Friday: Crazy for Coconut–4 Reasons We’re Nuts for the ‘Nut

Once considered something you’d only find among ice cream sundae garnishes or scattered on top of a frosted cake, coconut has gained a tremendously enthusiastic fan-following lately. Whether we’re enjoying coconut milk, coconut water, coconut oil, or simply eating coconut itself, this versatile hybrid of fruit, seed, and nut is a delicious and nutritious source of rich flavor and healthy benefits. Today, we raise a coconut half to this beloved Southeastern-Asian treasure.  (more…)

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Foodie Friday—Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread: Gluten-Free Eating


By now, you’ve heard plenty of buzz about gluten-free eating. Whether to keep the unhappy effects of Celiac disease at bay or for other health-related reasons, consumers are eschewing ordinary baked goods, breadspastas, and other traditionally gluten-laden products for gluten-free alternatives.

As someone with a professional history in the supermarket bakery, this trend intrigues me. One of my earliest job experiences was working the night shift in a supermarket in the combination Bakery/Deli department. My duties included serving customers; cleaning tables, walls and floors; and prepping food for the following day’s production of baked goods and prepared meals. After a few months of this routine, I was asked to come into work early on Saturday morning to assist the Head Baker. My co-workers teased that now I was going to be “making a lot of dough.”

Getting an up-close look at the baking process fascinated me. I enjoyed learning how flour, water, baking powder and other ingredients undergo dramatic changes in volume, texture and taste as a result of time, humidity and temperature. As an added bonus, I started wearing the “cool” bakery whites, hat and apron
(I think the uniform is what first attracted my wife to me). (more…)

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