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Foodie Friday: Netflix for Foodies–Salt, Fat, Acid Heat

Chef Samin Nosrat is a foodie with an appreciation of the fundamental elements of great cooking. A celebrated food writer and educator, she shares what she’s learned from the formative food experiences in her life—such as her initial training at the lauded farm-to-table landmark Chez Panisse—and guides food fans through the essentials of cooking with contagious enthusiasm for the extraordinary ingredients, masterful techniques, and vibrant cultures she celebrates.

Today, we’ll look at the message of her acclaimed cookbook and current docuseries on Netflix and see what makes it such an appetizing treat for foodie readers and viewers.


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In Defense of Rot: 5 Reasons We Love Fermentation


charcuterie and cheese platters on a white backgroundAs Hamlet’s associate once noted, “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” He may as well have been referring to a nice Havarti cheese. Fermentation is bringing the science of spoil to the mainstream culinary scene. Today’s Foodie Friday celebrates fermentation and five areas those tiny but mighty microorganisms transform the food and drinks we know and love. (more…)

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