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Foodie Friday: Futuristic, Flavorful, and Fascinating–5 Food Trends for 2019

At the beginning of each new year, we like to look ahead to what exciting flavors, innovative products, and creative culinary approaches are expected to take the food industry by storm.

Today, we’ll explore 5 food and beverage trends for 2019 so you can be on the lookout for what’s new, fresh, and appetizing in your supermarket, on restaurant menus, and across the high-tech food scene.


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Foodie Friday: Eat Fat for Fitness on the Ketogenic Diet

While many folks have been jumping onto the protein trend bandwagon for quite a while now, lately there’s been another noteworthy nutrient many are championing for optimal health: fat.

The ketogenic diet—or simply “Keto” for short—claims body fat loss, cardiovascular health, and even improved mental function from its enthusiastic ranks of fat-chewing fans. Today, we’ll take a look at the Keto diet and how to follow it in hopes of achieving optimal results.**


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Foodie Friday: Apple A Day–20 Ways to Love America’s Favorite Fruit

It’s National Apple Week!

Whether it’s fresh-sliced apples, applewood-smoked meat, apple cider, or apple pie á la mode, we’re in love with this classic fruit. Today we explore a few of the delicious and fascinating reasons this deciduous delight is the apple of our eye.


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Foodie Friday—Meaty Veggies: Bringing the Flavor with Plant-Based Food

Handsome man cooking at home preparing salad in kitchen.

A growing interest in healthy eating paired with studies about what actually goes into a good-for-you diet has lead many to increase their consumption of minimally processed, plant-based foods—namely: leafy greens, vegetables, and grains—over and above meat and dairy products. It’s a fantastic idea. After all, veggies, fruits, grains, nuts and seeds are naturally full of vital nutrients like fiber, vitamins, and minerals. What’s not to love about that?

Yet, as just about anyone who has tried a fast, a “cleanse,” or a strict New Year’s resolution to eat more kale-and-beet salad can quickly attest, plant-based diets can be challenging to maintain. Case in point: Despite limitless resources and the pressure of paparazzi documentation, even Beyonce and Jay-Z seem to have gone back to their carnivorous diet after a 22-day experiment in veganism. What’s more, many people associate meat- and dairy-free eating with bland, unsatisfying meals. It’s difficult to not get discouraged and overwhelmed by the task of improving our diets and overall health while still enjoying delicious food.  (more…)

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