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Foodie Friday: 4 Ways Hummus is Our Mediterranean Dream

It’s always exciting to see a formerly misunderstood food enjoy its moment in the spotlight. We’ve seen it happen with healthy staples like brussels sprouts and kale, ingredients formerly relegated-to-breakfast-only like bacon and yogurt, and less-familiar ethnic flavors like sriracha and curry. And this year, according to some influential voices in the food scene, is the year that a certain Mediterranean bean dip has gotten everyone humming. Today, we celebrate hummus, whether dip, spread, or sandwich-filling, in all its tangy, savory, garlicky glory.


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Foodie Friday: Kick Off the Superbowl–5 Top Chef Favorites

Group Of Friends Having Dinner Party At Home


It’s Superbowl Sunday this weekend! Everyone knows the classics that show up on the menu for the big game each year—pizza, wings, chips and dip, chili—but this year, we’re taking our food game up a notch!

Let’s celebrate this unofficial national food holiday with these 5 favorite recipes for a winning game-day spread. (more…)

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Foodie Friday: 6 Flavor Trends from the Fancy Food Show



Fancy Food fans unite! I recently attended the Specialty Food Association’s 2015 Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco and thoroughly enjoyed sampling the wide variety of foods and beverages showcased for eager foodie attendees. Today, I’m sharing 6 top trends from the Fancy Food Show you’re sure to notice soon on the shelves of your local specialty supermarket!


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